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Miami FL stands as the principal/central/most populous in the Miami metropolitan region. Although the Miami metro-area has a population of over five million, the city itself boasts a population of approximately 417, 650 people. It is considered to a cornerstone in the worlds of financial matters, commerce, cultural interests, media, entertainment, artistic interests, and even international trade. This is easily one of the most significant cities in not only Florida, but the United States, as well.

As one might imagine, Miami is a city rich in history. In the present, it is a metropolitan wonder with dozens of points of interests.

About Miami

The city of Miami was once a region home to many indigenous peoples. From there, it became the property of Spain. However, if you want to trace the history of modern Miami to its clearest origins, you will look to a woman named Julia Tuttle. It was Tuttle who first considered that the area was capable of so much more. The fact that she was able to convince Henry Flagler to extend his Florida East Coast Railway to the area was extremely instrumental in setting Miami on the path that brings it to the present. In the present, Miami is a city of extraordinary range and diversity. It survived the 1920’s Florida Land Boom, the 1926 Miami Hurricane, and then the Great Depression. It saw its initial cultural landscape changed dramatically by the arrivals of immigrants from Haiti and Latin America. There is no question that Miami has seen and experienced a great deal during its colorful history.

It is worth noting that Miami is 2nd-biggest Unites States city with a Spanish-speaking majority (El Paso TX is the first), and it is also the biggest city to boast a Cuban-American plurality.

The city of Miami can essentially be broken down into three districts. You have Downtown Miami, North Miami, and West/South Miami. Each district has its own array of points of interest and neighborhoods. For example, Downtown Miami is considered to be the cultural/financial/commercial heart of the whole of South Florida. North Miami includes the extremely popular Design District, in addition to the rapidly-expanding Midtown Miami. West/South Miami is home to Little Havana, which boasts what is very likely the largest concentration of Cuban people and Cuban culture in the entire United States.

Miami is a sprawling city with two main seasons. You have a warm/dry climate during cooler periods, and then a hot/wet climate during warmer periods.